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These are exciting times in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. During the early 90s confidence and investment in the potential of AI dropped significantly. Since then the re-birth and growth of the sector has rocketed and shows no signs of abating. Key to this has been the advancements in computing, with processing power now able to handle huge volumes of transactions affordable to all, and the advent of cloud services, where vast data sets can be stored and utilised.

These two facts have meant that capabilities of machine learning, where data sets are analysed to identify patterns, can be utilised in greater breadth and depth. The leading tech companies have taken this forward on an industrial scale and now offer AI services based on machine learning algorithms they have built and that can be utilised by anyone. Services such as image recognition, text understanding and speech translation are now mainstream, and that is only the beginning.

Consequently, AI has never been more affordable and accessible to organisations of any size. Coupled with the rise in automation platforms in recent years, the potential for AI and automation to be used to enhance business operations and to drive enhanced services for customers and employees is huge.

The big challenge now is how to utilise AI and automation. This should start with identifying the idea or opportunity before picking the technology and then getting into design and development. In reality the initial idea isn’t always straightforward – so much so, that many organisations either invest in the technology first and then find their projects run out of momentum as benefits and returns aren’t achieved, or initiatives are put on hold assuming that AI isn’t right for their organisation. Ideas, use cases, case studies and examples are in high demand at the moment as a result.

What We Think

Here at Enabl AI, our mission is to make AI and automation even more accessible by overcoming some of these barriers.

We design, build and offer pragmatic, useable solutions that focus on outcomes and benefits, and enable organisations to adopt intelligent automation and AI quickly and easily. These solutions and our services bring together business insight and experience along with technical expertise of the latest AI solutions available on the market.

We are not saying that these are completely “off-the-shelf” solutions, but we have come up with the initial idea, design and build to help give our clients a jump start.

Our aim is to accelerate our client’s adoption of AI and subsequent transformation through services and solutions that are quick and easy to implement and deliver rapid benefits and return on investment. Solutions that can be simply configured to meet an organisation’s requirements or used as a starting point to build something bespoke.

Enabl AI makes automation and AI accessible and useful, so that businesses can focus on what they do best.

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